About Us
Whether you require analytical testing of food and drink, environment, water, pharmaceuticals or Clean room Testing Chemsil provide a comprehensive range of microbiological, physical and chemical testing services combined with industry leading technical expertise and customer service. A leader in the inspection and testing market, and with over 10 years experience, Chemsil takes pride in delivering the highest standards of service with the utmost integrity.
We carry out tests on all types of water across a range of industries - including raw, potable, recreational, process and waste.                                        
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Food & Drink
One of ‘the leading’ names in food and drink we offer a comprehensive range of services across a range of product categories.                             
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Carried out at our purpose-built facility, our range of services include the testing of raw materials, API’s, finished products and water.   
Our staff comprises highly trained microbiologists and Chemist with long experience applying modern testing technologies in all varieties. And our expertise and capabilities continue to grow. In recent years, Chemsil has tripled its professional staff and doubled the size of its facilities with extensive investment in laboratory, people, and technology.